Stakeholder Facilitation


In today’s world, business needs to consider how the Internet and other related technologies are impacting the way in which they interact with their consumers, suppliers and other stakeholders. A common theme is the realization that information delivery is no longer an incidental part of a business, but rather a core component. By taking the time to fully understand the service and information needs of your stakeholders, you increase engagement in your success and ensure ‘buy-in’ to future initiatives.

RGS’ senior strategic planners, project managers and business analysts are all accomplished facilitators who frequently assist clients with stakeholder engagement and program communications. We bring an unbiased, professional view to all of our engagements and have no vendor relationships that might otherwise influence our conclusions. RGS abides by the Code of Professional Conduct of the Canadian Association of Management Consultants (CAMC).

We provide all of our clients with honest, open communications to successfully achieve engagement objectives.